Kineco Kaman Composites India (KKCI)

“A multinational joint venture between Kineco Limited (India) and Kaman Aerospace Group (USA). The JV was set up in the year 2012 with its headquarters and manufacturing facility based in Goa with an objective of addressing the growing needs of global aerospace and defense companies.”

The company manufactures advanced composite structural parts and assemblies for aerospace and defence applications using carbon and glass fiber materials and autoclave curing technology. Manufacturing output includes composite parts for aircrafts, helicopters, UAV’s and spacecraft’s.

KKCI is a certified company for AS9100 rev D, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 with NADACP NDT (AC 7114), NADCAP Composites & NMMT (AC 7118) and NADCAP Chemical processing (AC 7108) certifications.

  • 70,000 sq.ft Manufacturing facility
  • 6,000 sq.ft of Clean rooms and EMAs.
  • Additional 30,000 sq.ft of land available for expansion.
  • Advanced Composite Structural Parts & Assemblies using Carbon, Kevlar and Glass fiber materials.
  • Access to Tier-I capabilities of Kaman Aerospace.
  • Retain agility and cost competitiveness of an SME.
  • Nadcap Certified Facility for –
    • Composites & NMMT
    • NDT
    • Painting
  • AS 9100 Rev D, ISO 14001 & 45001 certified.

About Partners:

  • India’s fastest growing company in Composites.
  • Over 500 employees with tech savvy leadership team with robust Governance Framework at par with listed entities.
  • A strong technology and R&D Pedigree.
  • Revenue of $30M across diverse Geographies & Industries.
  • Winner of multiple Innovation Awards at Global Forums.
  • Recognized by the Ministry of Defense (India) as a Significant Contributor towards “Make in India” for Defense and Aerospace.
  • Founded in 1945 with customers in 50+ countries.
  • Head Quartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA.
  • A manufacturer of repute in the global commercial, defense aerospace market.
  • Extensive customer base of Marquee customers across the globe including all major Aircraft OEM’s and Tier – 1.
  • Market Cap : $1.30 Billion as of May 2024.
  • Annual Revenues 2023: $0.77 Billion.
  • Over 3000 employees.

Vision, Mission and Objectives:


“Be the first choice of Global Aerospace & Defense OEMs for all Composite Solutions”


Our mission is to manufacture cost competitive composite parts and assemblies for the Aerospace and Defense industry, achieving the highest standards of product quality and delivery, whilst creating a globally recognized company in terms of corporate governance, sustainability and management practices.


To build a robust framework for operational excellence aimed at improving following indices:
1. Sustainability of our planet
2. Safety of our employees
3. Quality of our products and services
4. Resilient partner to our customers
5. On-time delivery
6. Cost competitiveness

Organizational Highlights:

  • Headquartered in Goa – India.
  • Employee base of over 129 well trained and qualified technicians and staff and access to 80 trained contractors.
  • Manufacturing facility of over 70,000 Sq.ft with 6,000 Sq.ft of clean rooms and EMAs.
  • Driven by a pool of talented and multicultural professionals with immense domain expertise in advanced composites.
  • A focused composites product portfolio for Aerospace & Defence.
  • Mature process expertise in prepreg molding, vacuum bagging and autoclave/oven curing. Parent company Kineco Ltd has expertise in various composite manufacturing processes that includes use of various reinforcements (glass, carbon, aramid) in combination of various resin systems like epoxy and polyesters. Manufacturing processes include hand layup (wet resin systems), controlled resin infusion, resin transfer molding (RTM) and filament winding.
  • Facility accredited for NADCAP NDT, Composites and NMMT & Chemical processing, AS 9100 Rev D, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.
  • Total service in tooling design and fabrication, FAI, industrialization & post sales installation / maintenance.
  • Catering to carbon, Glass, Kevlar and aramid fiber prepreg based production for Aerospace and Defence markets.

Quality Certifications:

NADCAP Chemical Processing
NADCAP Chemical Processing
NADCAP Composites
NADCAP Composites
Nadcap NDT
Nadcap NDT
AS9100 : 2016
AS9100 : 2016
ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 14001 - 2015
ISO 14001 - 2015
ISO 45001 - 2018
ISO 45001 - 2018
ZED Gold Rating
ZED Gold Rating

Site Qualifications:

Industry Affiliations: